Holy Ten Struck By Copyright Claim As Ucharamba Uchipisa Vanishes Off YouTube

Controversial rapper Holy Ten has been struck by a copyright claim on his song Ucharamba Uchipisa, and it has been taken off YouTube.

Zim Artists On Overdrive

Since last week, Zimbabwean artists have been under smoke over copyright claims. It all started with Pastor Charles Charamba reporting Jah Signal’s Sweetie for copying Kana Vanhu Vangu. In a statement online, the gospel musician said he was forced to act after Jah SIgnal copied another song, Tengai Mafuta.

Charamba clarified that initially, Jah Signal reached out for permission, and they turned him down. He still went on to release the song, and they let him. The artists have since made peace.

Days later, record label Kenako Music made a copyright claim against Winky D’s Disappear and Mirror. The songs are no longer available on YouTube. Kenako Music claims they have not yet received royalties for producing the songs.

Other artists are also springing up, throwing threats. Dancehall star Enzo Ishall has threatened Baba Harare to lay a copyright claim. He said Baba Harare copied his song Tiza with Ahee. Producer Levels has also said he will strike all songs that he produced, and musicians never paid him. Another producer, Nicky Genius, has accused Shashl of crediting DJ Tamuka for writing Deepisa featuring King98 when he wrote it instead.

The wave has now hit Holy Ten.

The serial hitmaker has become the latest musician to fall victim to the copyright wave. His smash hit Ucharamba Uchipisa, featuring Michael Magz and Poptain, has been struck off YouTube. This was after a copyright claim was made against the song. It had amassed over 6 million views since its release in July 2023.

It is suspected Machikos hit the song because the beat sounds similar to Ngiyekeleni Bo.

Social media users expressed mixed sentiments about the development.

“Zvema copyright izvi tichasara tisina kana song from 2010 going up, first Sigi, then Winky D now UCHARAMBA UCHIPISA official video removed too … pakashata.”


“Before you use anyone’s work, just ask for permission and clear the sample. Chete.”


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