The UANC Aligns with NERA for Electoral Reforms: SG Nyamande’s Candid Insights

By Own correspondent 
In a strategic move, the United African National Council (UANC) has recently united forces with the National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) to champion essential electoral reforms in Zimbabwe. This alliance signifies a pivotal step towards fostering fair and credible elections in the nation.
The UANC Secretary General Mike Nyamande elucidated the rationale behind their decision, affirming, “We have joined NERA because we believe reforms are imperative, and it is paramount to collectively advocate for electoral reforms. Reforms are pivotal in ensuring equitable and trustworthy elections in Zimbabwe.”
Highlighting the backdrop of past contested election outcomes stemming from unimplemented reforms, Nyamande underscored the significance of NERA as a genuine platform to propel these crucial changes forward. He emphasized the UANC’s unequivocal dedication to leveraging NERA for the sole purpose of advocating for electoral reforms.
Nyamande cautioned against self-serving interests within NERA, stating firmly, “It would be unfortunate if, within NERA, there are individuals pushing for selfish agendas or using NERA for personal gains. In such instances, we will not hesitate to disengage from the movement.” Drawing a parallel, he likened their participation in NERA to a seeker of worship choosing a temple to revere, emphasizing that the focus remains unwavering on the purpose at hand despite potential deviations by leaders.
NERA, a convergence comprising various political entities, civil society groups, and stakeholders, is dedicated to advocating for critical electoral reforms aimed at fostering free, fair, and credible elections in Zimbabwe. The inclusion of the UANC in this collaborative endeavor serves to fortify the momentum towards achieving these much-needed reforms.

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