Tynwald Woman Forces 13-Year-Old Sister Out Of School So She Can Be Her Maid

A woman from Tynwald South has shocked the community after forcing her 13-year-old sister out of school so she can be her maid.

As if that’s not enough, Primrose Masiyambiri frequently abuses her sister, overworks and also tortures her, H-Metro reports.

Primrose’s parents stay in Chegutu and they requested her and her husband to take care of the 13-year-old girl. The child no longer goes to school and she is now responsible for all the chores at home.

On Monday, Primrose had an argument with her sister and she thrashed her badly. In some instances, when she is beating the girl, she uses sticks, a broom, electric cables and a belt while the child lies prostate on the floor with no clothes.

The neighbours have reached out to Childline to intervene amid the abuse, but the officials at the organisation never fulfill their promise to attend to the situation.

Neighbours Takes Action Following Nasty Assault

On 19 February, Primrose assaulted her sister because she had not washed her socks. The hapless little girl sustained bruises on her buttocks, back, neck and face.

The evil big sister had locked the door so she could punish her sibling unabated. After hearing the screams and shills of the 13-year-old girl, Primrose’s landlord rushed to the room, together with other neighbours. They then smashed down the door so they could stop Primrose from beating her sister to a pulp.

When asked why she was torturing her sister like that, Primrose quipped:

“She was misbehaving and being disrespectful. This is how I punish anyone for doing that. I have been staying with her for some time now and I saw it fit to punish her since I’m her legal guardian.”

Primrose’s landlord spoke to H-Metro and expressed her concern and disapproval for her tenant’s behaviour:

“As elders, we do not expect this. No one should treat a child like what Primrose is doing. We do not expect this from a sibling who has been entrusted with raising a child on behalf of their parents. The girl was supposed to be in school, but she dropped out. It’s sad how the couple sleeps at night while destroying such a young life.”

When the police visited the house after neighbours reported the case, Primrose had fled.



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