Police arrest six people for SA rapper AKA’s murder

Police have revealed that six suspects linked to the murder of rapper AKA have been arrested.

Speaking at a media briefing in Durban, KZN police commissioner Lieutenant-General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi shared more details on how the suspects were arrested and again on how the murder weapon was recovered.

AKA, whose real name was Kiernan Forbes, was shot dead a year ago on Florida Road in Durban.

His friend, Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane, was also shot dead on the scene.

Mkhwanazi said the six suspects played different roles in the murder.

“We have a co-ordinator, he is in custody, two shooters and one was inside observing Mr Forbes in the restaurant.”

“The spotter followed Mr Forbes all the way from the airport when he arrived. The second suspect supplied firearms and vehicles.

The third is a shooter linked to another murder case. We have another spotter who was outside the restaurant. We also have another spotter linked to another case and a shooter linked to another case. We have a total of four vehicles, firearms and cartridges,” he said.

The commissioner also said AKA was the intended target of the shooting, and Motsoane was just a coincidence.

Mkhwanazi also added the plan was not to shoot AKA outside the restaurant.

“The plan was not to shoot him in the manner they did, they were going to shoot him in the vehicle, but because he stood longer outside greeting his friend and those hitmen did not want to wait, that’s why they came for him. The second victim, it was by coincidence,” he said.



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