Suspect arrested in Warren Hills mystery grave destructions

HARARE – Police have arrested and charged a Harare man suspected to be behind the mysterious destruction of 83 graves in Harare’s Warren Hills cemetery recently.

The suspect, Gilbert Mukandatsama faces violation of graves charges.

The desecration of the graves made news recently with some people linking it to acts of witchcraft and rituals by individuals.

According to court prosecutors, Mukandatsama was caught red-handed by a City of Harare employee while trying to destroy one Mavis Mukandara’s grave.

In court, prosecutors requested to proceed in terms of the Mental Health Act, an application granted by magistrate Caroline Matanga who remanded the suspect to May 16, 2024.

In terms of the law, Mukandatsama will be mentally examined by two State doctors before his next remand date.

According to the State, Mukandatsama lives at Warren Hills cemetery.

The complainant in the case is the City of Harare, represented by Mataukwa Taenga.

“On 2nd day of May 2024 and at around 10AM, the accused person was then caught intending to destroy Mavis Mukandara’s grave,” alleged prosecutors.

The total value of items destroyed at the cemetery was estimated at US$45,000.




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