Comedian Musa Vines Arrested In Harare For Dressing Like A Woman

Harare comedian Musa Vines was recently arrested for causing a nuisance and performing dressing like a woman.

Musa Vines And His Unique Comedy

Musa Vines, whose real name is Tafadzwa Musadongora, does skits in the streets of Harare dressed and pretending to be a woman. He usually dons one of his trademark dresses, a black number with white lines.

Musa Vines then compliments the dress with a scruffy wig and crimson red lipstick, splurging his face with face powder and eye shadows.

In some of his skits, he pretends to urinate under the footbridge along Speke Avenue in Harare. Disgusted members of the public usually confront him, leading to verbal fights. The people will usually be oblivious that they are part of a skit being recorded.

However, one of his skits recently did not go according to plan.

Musa Vines recently stormed the Harare central business district to perform his stunts as usual. However, he did one which some Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers did not take kindly.

The officers ambushed him and arrested him. They handcuffed the comedian and made him sit down. Reality soon hit Musa Vines, and he started pleading with the police officers to release him:

“Haaa musadaro. Angori ma video epa TikTok andinenge ndichiita hapamborina yakanyaya Sir. Honai vanhu vese vakuungana. Musadaro mdara ndikungokumbirawo. Icomedy yandinenge ndichingoita.”

The police officer then yanked the wig off Musa Vines’ head, refusing to budge. He was promising the comedian that he was going to sleep in custody.

Zimbos Laugh At The Content Creator

People have varied sentiments online after Musa Vines was arrested for dressing like a woman.


“But Ivo varume vanofarira ku actor vakapfeka ma dress. Haaiwa ngaarare mukati u can make content without kupfeka zvechikadzi.”

“Confusing our kids kuti why achiita semukadzi iye arimurume. Just act in your own clothes dzechirume.


“His hustle may be controversial but certainly not illegal. He is trying to earn a living without victimising anyone. The real criminals are out there.”


“Ko inga Mama Vee vari very popular wani? Thats not fair.”

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