Why Java ‘Night of Wonders’ Flopped

SELF-STYLED prophet Passion Java should blame himself instead of apportioning blame to rival pastors after the much-hyped “Night of Wonders” flopped, a Zanu PF-aligned cleric said.

The gala, which was supposed to be held at the National Sports Stadium in Harare last week, suffered a poor turnout and Java had to cut it short to save face.

Zanu PF was roped in to mobilise the numbers for Java, without success. Java, a Zanu PF loyalist, had boasted that he will fill up the stadium with worshippers, promising to quit preaching if he failed.

However, his followers have claimed that he was sabotaged by fellow pastors. Zanu PF-aligned pastor Obadiah Musindo said Java had himself to blame.

“Passion should not blame anyone, be it other prophets and bishops,” Musindo said.

“No one sabotaged him except his team. Except, I repeat, his team.

“People are so bitter because they took their time. They did everything to mobilise people, only to be disappointed by failing to get transport.

“And lastly, for example, on my side, he promised to hire buses for us.”

There are turf wars among prophets, pastors and their churches, mainly pentecostal sects, as they seek to outdo each other in garnering the largest following.

Musindo said some provinces got few to zero buses to support Java.

“There are different organisations, but I can’t speak for them as some of them came to me crying saying they were asked to hire buses, but the money never came,” Musindo said.

“Past five (5pm), when the event was starting, that is the time that some money was released for us to hire buses. Who was going to wait for Passion until midnight? Who in his sane mind was going to wait for Passion until late?”

Java, who is known for flaunting his support for Zanu PF, was not reachable for comment.




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