VaChirenda Center Of Hope Foundation Uplifts Girl Child Through Sports

By Desire Tshuma

VaChirenda Center of hope foundation on Friday 17 March hosted a girls soccer tournament at Madamombe primary school in Seke district.

Four secondary schools participated in the knock-out tournament, namely Chirimanhunga, Jonas, Kandava and Chikonde.

The soccer tournament was organized by VaChirenda Center of Hope Foundation with the founder, Xoey Chirenda, gracing the occasion.

“As VaChirenda Center Of Hope Foundation we want to keep the girl child occupied so that she may abstain from unbecoming behavior. We see a lot of school-going girls dropping out of school due to unwanted pregnancies and some are involved into drugs, but here in Seke district we shall make sure there is no girl child who is going to engage in such bad activities,” said Xoey

Several organisations which deal with uplifting the girl child were available and these include Tinovimba Trust, Shamwari Yemwanasika football association organizations, and school heads, to mention a few.

“I would like like to encourage others from the Diaspora to plough back to their communities by assisting through donations to the vulnerable communities. It is a community responsibility to help our fellow members who encounter challenges like poverty,” said Xoey.

Xoey is a daughter to the late liberation hero, Chirenda, who immersely contributed to the liberation of Zimbabwe.

After the tournament, VaChirenda Center Of Hope Foundation donated sanitary ware, stationery and different goodies to all four teams that participated in the tournament.

“We are very grateful for VaChirenda Center Of Hope Foundation, they have been always supportive to this Seke community. No child is seated at home without going to school, they pay school fees for children who cannot afford to pay fees and our children are safe from drugs as they are always occupied by sporting activities,” said Mrs Gava, one of the parents from Seke district.

The Foundation has been taking care of the elderly, single mothers and girls in the community.They have started sewing projects for the single mothers and have been donating groceries, clothing and blankets to the vulnerable families.

Tinovimba Trust was also in attendance, and the founder Miss Chenai Siachakanzwa, applauded VaChirenda Foundation for the good job they are doing to the vulnerable families and girls from Seke.

“We as Tinovimba Trust are also concerned about such communities and we are doing the same in Kariba-Binga district. We shall be donating soon to orphans and vulnerable families. We also pay school fees and provide stationary to under-privileged children. We are also going to be doing career guidance to school children in the Binga-Kariba district,” said Chenai.

TOP PIC: Left is Chenai Siachakanzwa founder Tinovimba Trust,and Xoey Mamombe founder VaChirenda Center Of Hope Foundation.

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