Israeli Apartheid Forces Massacre Six More Palestinians

By Desire Tshuma

The Embassy of Palestine in Harare has condemned in strongest terms the increased aggression and acts of violence by the Israeli forces and Israeli settler regime in the West Bank city of Jenin which resulted in the assassination of six Palestinians.

Twenty six Palestinians were left injured by Israeli forces which used live bullets.They targeted homes of the Palestinian civilians and destroyed properties. This has brought the number of killed Palestinians this year to seventy three.

The Israeli occupational forces used helicopters and drones during the horrific massacre.

“The bombing of homes with rockets and explosive shells is an all out of war and destroys everything including the prospects of peace in the region,” said Ambassador Dr Tamer Almassri.

He went further and said Israel is choosing the path of escalation and should take the responsibility for the consequences of it’s choices and repercussions of this conflict.

The state of Palestine is calling the international human rights organizations to condemn the crimes perpetrated by Israel to the Palestinians and hold them fully responsible for it and for all crimes they have committed and not to allow the perpetrators to go unpunished.

“The international community cannot and should not tolerate Israel’s deliberate policy and practice of using lethal force without regard for limits set by international law. We affirm the rights of the Palestinian people to continue their struggle to end the occupation, obtain their freedom and establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital,” concluded Ambassador Dr Tamer Almassri.

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