Palestine Will One Day Get State Of Identity – ZPSC 

By Desire Tshuma 
The Embassy of the State of Palestine in co-operation with Zimbabwe-Palestine Solidarity Council has held a special solidarity conference in the Palestine Embassy in Harare.
The conference, held on Friday February 10, was attended by different stakeholders that includes students movements, Christian and Muslim organisations, authors, diplomatic community, development partners and journalists in solidarity with the State of Palestine against the apartheid Israeli government.
In his remarks, the Palestinian Ambassador H.E Dr Tamer Almassri  appreciated the support of Zimbabwe to Palestine in their quest for Independence from the Israeli settler regime.
“We would like to reiterate the fact that with support and solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe, Palestinians can achieve self-determination and together we can end the Israeli occupation and colonialism,” said Ambassador Almassri.
Ambassador Simbarashe Mubengegwi and ZANU PF secretary for External Affairs said Zimbabwe was one of the first countries to recognize the Palestinian State by establishing a Palestinian Embassy in Zimbabwe soon after Independence in 1980, and the then Palestinian Ambassador was chosen as the Head of the Diplomatic Corps.
Honourable Webster Shamu, chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade and also ZANU PF Deputy Political Commissar, said ZANU PF will will support the two-state solution for Israeli and Palestine.
“The emperialist powers like Britain and the United States of America are reluctant to reprimand the Israeli apartheid government
.  The Israeli government should respect the United Nations declaration of human rights, unlike what they are doing to the Palestinians,” Shamu said.
The chairperson of Zimbabwe Palestine Solidarity Council Mr Kwanisai Mafa read the 10-point  conference resolution which will lead to a successful move for the State of Palestine to get Independence.
He concluded by saying that ZPSC will keep pushing and mobilize support for the Independence of Palestine.
From left is Hon Kindness Paradza ,Webster Shamu, Chris Mutswangwa , HE Tamar Almassri and Simbarashe Mubengegwi

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