Israeli ongoing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza

By Desire Tshuma

Ambassador of the state of Palestine in Zimbabwe, Dr Tamer Almassri (pictured) condemns in the strongest terms the devastating occupation war on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which includes bombing and destruction of civilian structures, Hospitals, schools, supermarkets, government buildings and residential flats, killing and displacement of Palestinians, and confirms that it has plunged the Palestinian citizens of the Gaza Strip into a real humanitarian catastrophe.

‘lsrael is exploiting the double standards in waging a war against the Palestinian civilians, continuing to commit massacres, crimes, and all manifestations of genocide of defenceless civilians, which rises to the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity within the eyes of the international community and Western countries’ said Ambassador Dr Tarmer Almassri.

He went further to say that the state of Palestine is disappointed with the international community, which is still applying double standards, as many countries built their positions on the false news issued by Israel without verifying it. ‘At the same time, these countries blind themselves the crimes of genocide committed by Israel targeting civilians mainly children, women,medical personnel, journalists as well as United Nations humanitarian workers which is a war crime’ added Ambassador Dr Almassri.

” Israel in the first 5 days of aggression on gaza, Israel has used more quantity of bombs than what America used in the first year in Afghanistan which show that it is committing a brutal genocide against civilians. To date Israeli has completely wiped out 55 Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip. At least 2750 Palestinian have been killed by Israel in Gaza, over 1000 are children representing one-third of the total death toll, with casualty count rapidly rising as Israel seals Palestinians in Gaza off from food, fuel, electricity, water, and medical supplies. We demand the opening of a safe corridor to deliver aid, medical supplies and fuel to the Gaza Strip which Israel has sealed which amounts to collective punishments” teared Ambassador Almassri.

Several Human rights organizations operating in the Gaza Strip including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch has noted the use of internationally banned white phosphorus in Israeli bombing describing what our people in the Gaza Strip are exposed to as manifestations of genocide.

Dr Tamer Almassri conclude by condemning Israel’s Zionist colonial policies of transferring Palestinians from their home land supported by the colonial powers. It is certain that these countries will bear responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the occupation warplanes and its tanks against innocent Palestinians.

He finally said Palestinian people will not leave their homeland and get their legitimate rights and will continue the struggle to achieve independence of the the State of Palestine with Jerusalem as it’s capital.

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