The last lunch order…Ronnie ordered ‘road runner’ on the day he was sent to jail

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THERE is the Last Supper, this is probably the Last Lunch.

And, the irony is that the man who ordered it didn’t even get the chance to eat it.


Because Ronald Ngwenya had been slapped with an effective 12-year jail term for aggravated sexual assault of his niece on the same day.

Details have emerged that the former night club manager ordered lunch, on a Whatsapp group, where they place their orders, on Friday, last week.

It was the same day he was set to learn his fate at the Harare Magistrates Court.

“Ronnie ordered sadza and road runner (free range chicken) on Friday,” said one member of the group.

“Maybe, he was so confident that he would not be found guilty or, in the worst case scenario, he would be given community service.

“It surprised many of the guys but, given he is our friend, we quietly wished him well.

“Of course, as you now know, he didn’t get the chance to have the meal he had enjoyed.”

Ngwenya was nailed by his teenage niece’s bravery and honesty in describing the horror she went through when he sexually abused her at their home in December last year.

He will spend the next 12 years in jail after he was convicted of aggravated sexual assault on Friday by magistrate Fadzai Mthombeni.

It concluded one of the most closely-followed sexual assault cases of recent years because of the public profile of Ngwenya and which saw another magistrate recuse himself during the process.

The star witness, Ngwenya’s former maid, even ‘disappeared’ for months, delaying the trial, until she was secured through a private initiative which was undertaken by the complainant’s father.

Ngwenya’s decision to go to the gym, on the very morning the child accused him of sexually abusing her, and then to only report to the police three days after the incident, did not appear to sit down well with the court.

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